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Welcome to Friends Cargo Service

Friends Cargo is more than logistics.
We can also optimize your packaging, manage your materials sourcing, and so much more.

Airport to Airport

Friends cargo has a good and distinct name among the many leading cargo companies. We handle shipping goods from one destination to another through airports safely and securely.

Seaport to Seaport

Using the sea freight transport system of our ‘Friends cargo’, you can transport high quantities of cargo over large distances in a cost-effective way.

Door to Door

We could attain a good name around the world’s leading logistic providers in shipping & Transportation services. We provide Door to Door cargo service to and from any place with at most care & safety for your cargo.


We deals all types of cargo services world wide and to be the most reliable , safe and affordable, We take care of Moving and Relocation of goods from on location to another world wide.

Packing Personal Goods

At Friends Cargo, we offer professional goods packing services, to safely transport your personal goods to a new location.

Packing Material Supply

We supply all ‘packing materials’ for your cargo to be safely packed. It will ensure the transportation of goods safely and protectively.

Storage of Personal Goods

Storage of personal goods is also a thing that need to be taken care of well. We pack and store your things effectively and securely without causing any damage.

Customs Import & Export

Our experts manage and deal with all types of your personal goods’ import and export declaration and movement services.

Moving and Relocation

We help in Moving and Relocation. Friends cargo provides services for shifting your personal goods and assisting to move offices from one place to another.

Customs Clearance

we make sure you are updated with all the customs rules, regulations and procedures from time to time. At custom clearance, it is making sure that all duties have been paid and the goods are cleared for export or import

Why Choosing us?

World Wide Cargo Services

We provides customized domestic and international cargo service on time delivery.

Track Your Shipment

Our online tracking system helps you to Easily tracks your cargo or shipment.

24 Hours - Technical Support

What if you need technical help? Our support team will helps you.